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Pici's Festival

Every last last Sunday of May, in Celle sul Rigo, you will discover the Pici's Festival!

Everybody meets in the square starting on the Saturday evening when the main protagonists are the young people, crazy about discotheque music. On Sunday the festival becomes more the privilege of families who like to meet and chat together. However, what makes this festival different from the many festivals held on Sundays, in the fine summer weather, is the naive rural atmosphere which gives life to the event in a village which has kept intact the simplicity of the old days and its loyalty to genuine food.

The “pici” are always the classic ones, handmade by the women of the village, the meat and garlic sauces are prepared with the same meticulous care as they were by our grandmothers, the wines are the generous and genuine ones of the Sienese countryside. Apart from the concert given by the Band, there is also dance music for the young and not so young.

W http://www.sagradeipici.it/