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Misticanza 2010

Misticanza is a collection of vegetables. Our Misticanza is a meeting between the arts: a fusion of different arts, which are necessary to each other to be significant. It is in this mix of languages ​​that art comes to life: The thread that ties what we offer - theater, music, visual arts, performing arts, dance - is the heart of the artist himself, his need, his urgency to exist. The path between heaven and earth.

Sep 02, 2011


3, 4 e 5 settembre 2011

“In every mistake lies the possibility of a story"   G.Rodari

This year the Festival inquires about mistakes.
Mistake as an unexpected,  hidden opportunity of creativity. Opportunities are often not caught,  to get you lost and discover new roads. The mistake as a accident on the way,  that becomes a story,  theater,  music,  dance,  art.
Mistakes are necessary and sometimes even beautiful. Should a child learn crying what he can learn with a laugh?

Program details of Misticanza 2011