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Santa Maria ad Balnea

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A unique ancient church plunged in nature with amazing views ... this is Santa Maria ad Balnea

This ancient church was part of the Early Christian parishes, that made up the diocese of Chiusi, but it’s always been rumored that it was built on the ruins of a pagan temple. For many centuries it maintained the role of parish church, being a reference point for the urban settlement. It was indicated in the documents of that period as Saint Mary “ad Balneo”. Its extremely peripheral position compared to the inhabited center of present times, is the result of the considerable urban and demographic reorganization endured by San Casciano throughout the centuries. After having lost its parish dignity, the church of Saint Mary has offered spiritual assistance to all that entrusted themselves to hydrotherapy. Soon afterwards, a service concerning material assistance was added to the spiritual one, thanks to the birth of a “Spedale “ (Welcome Center) for the poorer “bathers”.