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Cassianensi's Rooms

In San Casciano dei Bagni you can visit "Le Stanze Cassianensi", a new exposition at Palazzo Comunale (city townhall). On two levels/rooms, it shows, on the ground floor,  funeral gifts found in Balena's necropolis while, on the top floor, the votive statue found by the spring "Doccia della Testa".
The show will repropose the setting of the excavations of both Balena and Doccia della Testa.


Archaeolgy Sites in San Casciano

Tombe Etrusche

This uncontaminated corner of Tuscany has a history of many thousands of years. The first human settlements date back to the Bronze Age and, in several areas, archaeological excavations havebrought to light important evidence.

Cetona, Chiusi, Chianciano and Sarteano have beautiful archaeological museums which form part of the Sienese Museum System where, apart from the evidence of the presence of prehistoric man, are conserved Etruscan, Roman and also Gothic and Lombard archaeological finds. In Sarteano and Chiusi it is possible to visit Etruscan tombs.

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