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Farmhouse Marina Mori

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Where once there was an ancient kiln and where the clay is still visible and gives the land its light grey color you can find Amantino, a farmhouse carefully restructured. Here you can enjoy perfect tranquility.

Amantino is an ancient rural building, deep in the heart of green farmland, which produces cereals, Chianti and extra virgin olive oil. Its position gives opportunities for every kind of outdoor pursuit. The outside portico communicates with the kitchen and it is perfect for open-air meals.


Buildings: 1
Rooms: 4
Housing units: 1
Beds: 8


piscina, TV, lavastoviglie, lavatrice, barbecue, riscaldamento autonomo, cambio della biancheria settimanale, pulizia


Marina Mori Via Fiorentina, 23 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena) Palazzone Amantino Phone +39 0577 51680 Mobile +39 335 5869977 avvenireservizi@virgilio.it www.marinamori.com